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Flexi….what? Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians – Meat consumption is polarizing!

More and more people become vegetarians and avoid eating meat to a great extent. To eat a vegetarian diet means to consume only products of living animals, for instance: milk, eggs or honey. In Germany, almost every third in the age between 14 and 20 are vegetarians. The primary reasons are the avoidance of animal suffering and environmental protection as well as the conservation of resources. Plant-based product ranges have increased by 20 percent in 2018 and have reached a worldwide market value of 4 billion euros. Even the fast food giants Burger King and McDonald’s are successful in offering vegan burgers to its customers. We also go with the flow and deal with a wide range of meat alternatives.

Standstill? NOT WITH US! The target group is not so easy to determine as it seems. Apart from the vegetarians, there are many other forms of diet. For us, the Flexitarians are very interesting. They are switching supply-related between a meatless diet and a diet with meat. They mainly focus on a healthy diet. In the process of growing older, the number of flexitarians increases in Germany.

Did you know that? Jackfruit is the giant fruit from Asia and can weigh up to 50 kg. Depending on the degree of ripeness the fruit is used differently. The taste of the ripe fruit remembers of a mix of banana, papaya and mango and is usually used in sweet dishes. The still unripe, young Jackfruit with its fibrous texture and correctly seasoned reminds of chicken meat and is used as meat substitute for savoury dishes, for example in Curries.

Good to Know! The Jackfruit is a real mineral and fiber wonder which barely has any sugar or fat. Moreover, the fruit is free from gluten and soya. Therefore it is suitable for allergy sufferers and people with food intolerance. 

So, who is up for it?! Simply give up on meat and dare to try the alternatives!


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