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Bakerman® thinks outside the box

What’s the formula behind this innovative new product? The answer is simple: a traditional and ever-popular stone-oven pizza plus a round, irresistible donut and the insatiable Bakerman® motto “stay hungry”.

We created three innovative and successful products based on this principle: the delicious Pizza-Donut Margherita, with real Italian tomato sauce, the spicy Pizza-Donut Jalapeno with tangy cheddar, and the hearty Pizza-Donut Salami.

Traditional and on trend – a delicious combination! That’s exactly what we and our motto “stay hungry” stand for: recognising trends, combining them with familiar favourites and thinking outside the box!

A sensational idea, just irresistible and very tasty! This is also what Sven Mattfeld, baker and product developer at Bakerman®, and Aleksandra Reimann from marketing, think. Because we are not only our toughest critics – if all have made their job really well, we also become the biggest fans!


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