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Algae – the green Superfood

Algae is becoming increasingly important due to the health-promoting effect. As low-calorie, nutrient-rich as well as fibre-rich food, it provides vitamins such as zinc, vitamin A, C, E and B12. The protein level is similar to eggs and legumes. In China, algae is being used as a remedy for blood pressure lowering and blood purification for 5,000 years already.

Algae is particularly known as a component of sushi. In Japan, they use algae as the main ingredient for wok dishes, salads and sushi. A distinction is made between macro and micro algae. The latter is being used in the dried state for food supplements in form of pills and powder. However, macro algae is used for different type of dishes. In Germany, the most known type of algae is nori algae which is used for sushi. It originates mainly from cultures in Japan.

Heiko Thees admires a modern algae production.

Depending on the type, algae may contain very high levels of iodine. Iodine is a naturally occurring trace element that is essential to the health, supporting the production of the body’s own thyroid hormones. In any case, those hormones in turn control the body processes, such as growth, bone development and energy metabolism. The thyroid gland can store the absorbed iodine up to a certain amount. This allows the thyroid functions to be maintained, despite fluctuating iodine intake.

Good to know! Algaes are very suitable for vegetarians as a supplier of iodine. A nori leaf, which is being used for the rolling-in process for sushi, contains 0.2 mg of iodine. By the way, this number exactly fits with the recommended daily intake of iodine. With one nori leaf, you can make around 8 pieces of sushi.

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